Norwegian dance act CLMD began as a duo of childhood friends Carl Louis and Martin Danielle. They made a splash in 2010 with "The Message," a track supported by the Rising Music label that was also charted by Axwell, one of the producers' inspirations. They crossed over with remixes of tracks by Bruno Mars ("Just the Way You Are") and Estelle ("Fall in Love"), released a 12" on Steve Angello's Size label, established a boutique label through Sony, and scored major hits with "Black Eyes and Blue" and "The Message," the latter of which went platinum several times over in Norway. In 2014, following the release of "Wild Men," Louis opted to leave in pursuit of a solo career. Danielle retained CLMD as an acronym for "Create Love, Music and Dreams" and continued to make high-spirited EDM with "Keep Dreaming," a 2015 single that featured a lead vocal from Jared Lee.

CLMD - is a Norwegian music producer.nCLMD is a project and concept driven forward by Martin Danielle, with the vision of creating an audio and visual experience where creativity, art, music and pop-culture all blends in fusion of electronic music. The idea of blending visual art, avant-garde and pop-culture, along with blending the inspiration of true Norwegian nature into the process of music creation, makes you not only want to listen to the music, but rather experience itwith more than just one of your senses involved.

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The Stockholm Syndrome - CLMD Extended Version

  • Dust

  • The Stockholm Syndrome - CLMD Radio Edit

  • Did It Again

  • Deadly - Istago Remix

  • Did It Again - Stereo Lights Remix

  • The Stockholm Syndrome - CLMD Radio Edit



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